About me

Willi Nothers

discovered his passion for photography in school during a photography-workshop. After school a Hi-8 videocamera
found the way into his backpack, next to his skateboard. When the young man not has been working in his apprenticeship,
he was outside with his friends to do what he loves and lives – skateboarding and in the early days also wakeboarding
and exploring the citys around him, never without his video camera. In the age of 17 he started snowboarding, he got
addicted to the mountainsport and lifestyle. That means to him a lot of journys between his home in the mid-west of
germany and the austrian and swiss alps. Finally he spend two full winter seasons in the austrian alps.
Don´t call him a freak or a nerd, but all this new digital media possibilitys growing fast in the late 90´s navigated
Willi´s life in a new direction.
Willi still loves till this day every recordbuttom-push and every single trigger he did with his video and
photocameras. Finally it was the thrill to freeze the millisecond and tell a story with one single picture that makes
him found his way as a photographer.

Read his Bio to come to know more about his way:

Born 1978

1994 - 1998 education: certificate of appranticeship „Stuckateur“, vocational diploma
in enginering
1999 freelance photo and content writing, Rheinische Post / Rheinberg
2000 freelance cameraman, production for VIVA Cologne
client: E&P Reisen - Big Star Boarderweek in Val Thorens, France
2000 – 2004 digital media designer at VSH (today - TV Fabrik), Duisburg
camera-cut-editing and assistance / acoustic engeneering for life TV and
imagefilm – prodction
clients: WDR, ARD, ZDF, Premiere Sport and Thyssen-Krupp, Bayer SIG etc.
2004 – 2007 assistance of projectmanagment at Rothkopf und Huberty advertising
agency - Düsseldorf - client: Reemtsma (Drum-Tabaco)
live communication at music festivals in germany
2007 freelance photographer: photo projects-skateboarding with publications
in diverse skateboard magazines in europe
2008 projekt assistant - Rebel Media, Berlin
client: Suzuki Automobile / project: Suzuki WRC Global
tasks: photo documentation / vip care / technical conversion / technical
2009 – 2013 projekt managment at Rothkopf & Huberty advertising agency, Düsseldorf
clients: Reemtsma (JPS, Gauloises), Converse, H&M
tasks: technichal leader, photo reportage about live communication at
music festivals in germany
2009 - 2010 stuff photographer at La Famiglia snowboardvideo–production
in austria, switzerland, finland and rumania

interviews, tourstorys and photographs in diverse european snowboard
2010 – 2014 photography assistance with diverse photographers
- Michael Quack
- Christoph Pforr
- Norbert Kramer
2011 – 2014 freelance photographer at Bildschoen – Berlin / region Düsseldorf
diverse freelence projects



1998 – 2000 skateboard – videoproduction „Fight Back“
concept, production, editing



2009 converse „The Compound“ live-gallery at Southside Festival, Tuttlingen
audiance: ca. 50.000

converse „The Compound“ live-gallery at Melt Festival, Gräfenheinichen
audiance: ca. 20.000
2010 Brettwochen-group exhibition, carhartt store, Düsseldorf
2012 Hotel ARTlon, Rheinberg, collaborative-creative project
topic: streetart and skatebaording
2013 picture-gallery „Flingern at Night“ Düsseldorf



2013 international photography competition
„Redbull Illume Finalist Top 250“

Feel free to contact Willi in german or english for different kind of PDF portfolio, booking, general question about
project´s and shooting´s, or/and sale of any photos you see on this website and also on his journal -